Das Detroit Projekt

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DAS DETROIT PROJEKT is a year-long city and art festival in Bochum. Connecting four European Opel cities in Germany, England, Poland, Spain, and the USA, das Detroit Projekt asks questions and seeks answers about the future of the urban living, working and art. Workers not only in Bochum, but also in Zaragoza (Spain), Ellesmere Port (England) and Gliwice (Poland) fear to loose their jobs. These cities and countries are also searching for their way into the 21st century. Together they develop possibilities and chances for the future.

Detroit is not only the city where the future of the Opel factory is decided. The people of Detroit have already faced what we do not want to experience: the closing of the automotive and steel industry, moving away and leaving behind a landscape of ruins. But Bochum is not Detroit: Bochum reinvents itself!

The announced closing of the Opel factories in Bochum marks a second end of an era in the city. The first phase was characterized by the mining industry, the second by the formerly biggest employer GM/Opel. But what comes after that? Where do inspiring innovations and courageous concepts for the future come? How are we going to organize labor, culture, economy, education, research in the future? How can we set up our city anew for the future?

From October 10 to 12, 2013, the Schauspielhaus Bochum inaugurates DAS DETROIT PROJEKT together with guests from the European Opel cities Zaragoza, Ellesmere Port and Gliwice as well as from Detroit. The program includes an international Banquet, a symposium, a live art celebration in the city center of Bochum, concerts, parties and a nightwalk through Bochum-Ehrenfeld.