The Atelier 200 in Palermo


A workshop for 200 citizens

Organised by the Teatro Garibaldi di Palermo alla Kalsa, Italy

At the Teatro Biondo Stabile di Palermo

11 - 12 March 2013

With the stage directors

Georges Lavaudant,

Nicolas Bigards,

Francesco Agnello,

Armando Punzo

Four stage directors will work with 200 theatre lovers, on texts, on music that brings out individual and collective sensitivities and brings out forms that are sometimes unbelievable.

Having 200 people, together, on stage, releases an incredible energy: something that we are not used to experiencing in theatre. The energy comes out of the mass. The Atelier 200 marks the rebirth of the Antic choir, the advent of a critical mass made out of harmony and chaos. Reverse the roles. Leave your seat and come up on stage. Nothing is more exciting than taking part in this collective, incredibly excessive experience.

The Atelier will take place on the 11th and 12th March 2013. It is organized by the Teatro Garibaldi di Palermo, in collaboration with the Union of Theatres of Europe. Only non-professionals can participate in the Atelier.

25 participants will be invited to participated in the European edition of the Ateler 1000 , in Paris, in 2014.

Monday, 11th March : 11am - 8pm / Tuesday, 12th March : 2pm - 8pm

Participation fees : 40 - 90 €

For further information, please visite the facebook page of the Atelier 200 in Palermo.



The Atelier 200 (2013)
11 - 12 mars, 2013