Hungarian Theatre of Cluj

The Hungarian Theatre of Cluj, founded in 1792, is the oldest Hungarian theatre in Romania. It is a repertory theatre, entirely subsidized by the Romanian Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. Under the artistic and administrative leadership of Gábor Tompa, the institution has aligned with new trends of contemporary theatre and has taken its place in the circuit of European theatres. This is largely due to the organisation of international theatrical events and collaboration with world-renowned directors, such as Matthias Langhoff, Dominique Serrand, Silviu Purcărete, Andrei Şerban, David Zinder, Patrick Le Mauff, Mihai Măniuţiu. As a member of the UTE, the ambition is to ensure sustainability through developing public awareness for contemporary theatrical tendencies, as well as establishing and strengthening prolific, mutual and long-term professional connections with existing and potential partner institutions, while maintaining a high-level artistic programme and a wide range of other cultural offers.


Member since 2008
Director: Gábor Tompa

Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Hungarian Theatre of Cluj
Str. E. Isac nr. 26-28
400023 Cluj-Napoca Romania
Tel: +40 264 593 469
Fax: +40 374 091 316