Teatro di Roma

Teatro di Roma-Teatro Nazionale, founded in 1964, is a member of the European Theatre Union since 1993. Its main purpose is to produce and disseminate theatrical art and to support theatrical experimentation, through the creation of performances and multidisciplinary projects. Teatro di Roma has several venues, namely: Teatro Argentina, inaugurated in 1732, and Teatro India, an industrial building, which houses three performance halls, inaugurated as a theatre in 2000.

Since 2018, Teatro di Roma has also been at the center of a public theatrical system, directly and indirectly managing six other venues (Quarticciolo, Tor Bella Monaca, Villa Pamphili, Lido di Ostia, Villa Torlonia, Silvano Toti Globe Theater) and also, the temporary opening of Teatro Valle, which houses exhibitions, installations, and other events. Over the years, Teatro di Roma has been run by such notable people as Maurizio Scaparro, Luca Ronconi, Mario Martone, and Gabriele Lavia.

With Giorgio Barberio Corsetti, appointed in 2019 and flanked by Francesca Corona in her capacity as artistic consultant for the programming of the Teatro India, the Teatro di Roma confirms its role as the Public Theatre of the City through the promotion of a balanced programme between plays, dance and music, including classic drama and new plays by contemporary playwrights. Teatro di Roma presents several performances per day, accommodating all forms of art and knowledge. It is a productive cultural enterprise established by means of sustainable management pursuing innovation while, at the same time, fully respecting the best tradition.


Member since 1994
Director: Giorgio Barberio Corsetti

Rome, Italy
Teatro di Roma
Largo di Torre Argentina, 52
00186 Rome Italy
Tel: +39 (0) 6 684 00 03 11 / 14
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