The Good Soldier Švejk, the key novel of Czech literature and an ironic insight into war and its attendant absurdity, is creatively juxtaposed in this production with Karl Kraus’s satirical anti-war play The Last Days of Mankind. The modern theatre wizard Robert Wilson transforms all this into a cabaret replete with scenic images, music and surprising humour in a parable not only of 1914 but also, and primarily, our life today, one hundred years after the outbreak of a terrible war that marked the real start of the 20th century. The powerful production about Europe, its optimists and pessimists (beneath the gaze of eternal Time), is a unique project in which — for the second time — the elite of Czech drama will join forces with an artist setting the direction of global theatre.



Based on The Good Soldier Švejk by Jaroslav Hašek

and The Last days of Mankind by Karl Kraus

Director | Robert Wilson

Set Designer | Robert Wilson

Concept lighting design | Robert Wilson

Theme | Aleš Březina, Soňa Červená

Translation | Hanuš Karlach

Music | Aleš Březina

Costume Designer | Jacques Reynaud

Stage direction cooperation | Ann-Christin Rommen

Lighting designer | A. J. Weissbard

Dramaturg | Martin Urban

Script | Marta Ljubková

Opened on 30 April 2014

At the National Theatre of Prague, Czech Republic

And on the stages of the UTE member theatres:

Yugoslav Drama Theatre, Belgrade, Serbia | 22 November 2014

Comédie de Reims, France | 20 and 21 February 2015

© Lucie Jansch


Jaroslav Hašek | Karl Kraus | Robert Wilson

30 avril, 2014 - 6 décembre, 2015