Volkstheater Wien

The Volkstheater is, closely following the Burgtheater, the second largest theatre in Vienna and one of the best-known theatres in Austria. It was founded in 1889 by Viennese citizens as a counterpart to the courteous Burgtheater.

Since then, it has been known for its diversified repertoire, including contemporary playwrights from Austria and other countries as well as classics. Today, it also offers events in music, dance and literature and provides a stage for the work of young artists. The historical emphasis on socio-political demands of the Volkstheater is still present today, currently pursued through numerous projects involving the city and its citizens.

The Young Volkstheater tries to bring theatre closer not only to young, but to all people interested in theatre. The Volkstheater became a member of the Union of European Theatres in 2015, when Anna Badora, who formerly led the Schauspielhaus Graz (UTE member between 2008 and 2015), became its artistic director.


Member since: 2015
Director: Anna Badora

Vienna, Austria
Arthur Schnitzler Platz 1
1070 Vienna Austria
Tel: +43 1521110
E-mail: info@volkstheater.at http://www.volkstheater.at