Holzfällen | Woodcutters

(c) Lupi SPuma

Picture: Lupi Spuma / Schauspielhaus Graz

Polish director Krystian Lupa (chairman of the Austrian Thomas Bernhard private foundation) works for the first time at the Schauspielhaus Graz. He stages Thomas Bernhard’s masterpiece “Holzfällen” (English title: “Woodcutters” or “Cutting Timber: An Irritation”). The bestselling novel caused an uproar among parts of Viennese society when it was published in 1984, as some personalities recognised themselves in the story.

At the place of the Auersbergers, a group of people are impatiently awaiting the arrival of their guest of honour, a famous dramatic actor, in order to start eating the sophisticated dinner, in fact the "artistic dinner", as the hosts fancy themselves to call it. The whole novel is an account of what the narrator sees and hears while sitting on a chair with a glass of champagne in his hand and, subsequently, at the table during dinner. Bernhard devastates with the axe of his prose the world of pretentiousness and intellectual inconsistence.


Holzfällen / Woodcutters

By Thomas Bernhard

Directed by Krystian Lupa

Set design Krystian Lupa

Costume Piotr Skiba

Light Paul Grilj

Video Evil Frog OG

Dramaturgy Britta Kampert

With Johannes Silberschneider, Barbara de Koy, Verena Lercher, Steffi Krautz, Franz Xaver Zach, Stefan Suske, Gerhard Balluch, Florian Köhler, Laurenz Laufenberg and Sebastian Klein

Premiere on the 10th January 2014

At Schauspielhaus Graz, Austria

Thomas Bernhard | Krystian Lupa

10 janvier - 6 juin, 2014