Hiob | Job


Photograph: © Birgit Hupfeld

Job tells the story of an Eastern Jewish family that starts in rural Galicia and ends in America. Mendel Singer is a simple primary school teacher who has two sons and a daughter with his wife, Deborah. A fourth child is born, their son Menuchim, who seems mentally retarded. He suffers from epileptic seizures and can’t say any word but “mum”. The parents see his medical condition as a punishment from God. Their other three children grow up and also give reason for concern: Jonas wants to go to war, Schmerajah to America, and Mirjam has too many men. The miracle rabbi once said to Deborah that Menuchim would be healed if only they stayed with him. Nonetheless, Mendel decides to leave to America without their youngest child in order to get Mirjam away from the Cossacks. Far away from home, Mendel becomes aware of how much he misses Menuchim and home; other calamities occur. In the end, he can’t bear the misfortune any longer, and renounces his faith. However, at the end, Joseph Roth has miracles happen.


Hiob | Job


at the Kammerspiele, Schaupsielhaus Bochum

Based on the novel by Joseph Roth

Director | Lisa Nielebock

Stage Design | Oliver Helf

Costume Design | Ute Lindenberg

Music | Thomas Osterhoff

Light Design | Andreas Bartsch

Dramaturgy | Kekke Schmidt

Cast | Mendel Singer – Michael Schütz, Deborah – Irene Kugler, Menuchim – Jana Schulz, Mirjam – Xenia Snagowski, Schemarjah / Groschel – Florian Lange, Jonas / Kosak / Mac / Skowronnek – Damir Avdic, Doktor / Kapturak / Bauer / Psychiater / Menkes – Klaus Weiss

Opened on 6 September 2015

Kammerspiele, Schauspielhaus Bochum, Germany

All photographs: © Birgit Hupfeld


Joseph Roth | Lisa Nielebock

6 septembre, 2015 - 31 décembre, 2016