Haramiák | The Robbers

the robbers viszinhaz

Schiller was not even twenty three when Die Räuber/The Robbers was first premiered with a huge success: the audience was raving and the performance almost had to be stopped. The success brought quick fame to the author and his first critic already referred to him as “the German Shakespeare”.

The story of the two brothers fighting for their legacy and their love became popular mostly among the younger generations, however, the exciting plotline fuelled by the opposition between the cold-hearted Franz and the self-confident idealist Karl, captivates audiences of all ages even today.

The play’s passionately rebellious spirit and storming sweep are a faithful imprint of a young man’s mindset, and now, at the Pesti Theatre, a young creative team has staged their version of The Robbers with similar youthful confidence and zest.


Haramiák | The Robbers

By Friedrich Schiller

Translation | Judit Hevesi, Boglárka Cziglényi

Director | Daniel D. Kovács

Music/Sound Design | Márk Bartha

Set Design | Jenny Horváth

Costume Design | Kata Pető

Dramaturgy | Bence Bíró

Cast | Maximilian Moor – Zoltán Seress, Franz Moor – Ákos Orosz, Karl Moor – Dániel Király, Amalia von Edelreich – Kata Bach, Spiegelberg – Károly Hajduk, Roller – Zsuzsanna Járó, Schweizer – Pál Kárpáti, Schufterle – Áron Zoltán, Daniel – Ádám Rajhona, Kosinsky – Márk Ember, Grimm – Balázs Medveczky, Schwarz – Gergő Erdei, Hermann, Moser – Attila Csapó

Opened on 19 December 2015

at the Pesti Theatre/Vígszínház Budapest, Hungary

Pictures © Bereniké Gál/Dániel Dömölky/Vígszínház

A production of the Vígszínház Budapest, Hungary


Friedrich Schiller | Daniel D. Kovács

19 décembre, 2015 - 19 juin, 2016

Pesti Theatre
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