'Golden Blanket' Initiative

On the initiative of the ensemble, the Schauspielhaus Bochum raised money for refugee organisations after performances in Bochum between the beginning of November 2015 and the end of January 2016.

The first donation goal was a financial contribution to a new mobile information centre of the Medical Refugee Relief Bochum, who offers independent information and psycho-social counselling directly at the refugee shelters. Spectators have donated more than 12,000€. With the help of these donations and further supporters through their crowd-funding campaign, more than 41,000€ have been raised.

Between 2 and 22 December, the actors raised money for the Refugee Relief Network Bochum-Südwest. This donation campaign collected more than 14,000€. This initiative offers German classes for refugees before they are granted publically funded language classes.

Between 23 December 2015 and 14 January 2016, the Schauspielhaus Bochum raised money for the Friends’ Association Hustadt. This friends’ association organises welcome packages worth 25€ for up to 440 refugees, who were and still are accommodated in lightweight construction halls on the former Opel parking lot in Bochum-Laer around the turn of the year.

From the middle until the end of January 2016, the actors raised money for integration- and participation projects of the Overdyck Foundation Bochum, for unaccompanied minor refugees. In the context of these projects, the Overdyck Foundation mentors 47 minors, who sometimes have suffered traumatic experiences during their escape, in various facilities in Bochum. Financial means are mostly lacking for activities where these young people meet with German adolescents, spend their spare time together, and exchange stories of their experiences.

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