Commemorating Giorgio Strehler at the Piccolo Teatro di Milano – Teatro d'Europa

The Piccolo Teatro is paying tribute to Giorgio Strehler on the 20th anniversary of his deah with two months of shows, events, screenings and exhibitions revolving around this important figure in European theatre.

A big exhibition dedicated to Giorgio Strehler will open at the Palazzo Reale: “Strehler tra Goldoni e Mozart”

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"Chekhov, Shakespeare, Brecht, Goldoni: writers who have accompanied my journey as a director for all of these years. Each of these writers is the sign of a certain coherence. I have dedicated my time and my efforts to them. They are like a kind of continuous bass which plays throughout a great theatrical work, and from which various melodic lines diverge and emerge, while remaining forever tied to a secret common thread."

Giorgio Strehler

shows, screenings & exhibitions

24 novembre - 21 décembre, 2017