Statement regarding the ongoing situation at SZFE Budapest, Hungary

Union des Théâtres de l‘Europe

Statement concerning the situation at SZFE Budapest

3 September 2020

The members of UTE observe with concern the ongoing events happening since a few months at the University of Theatre and Film (SZFE) of Budapest, Hungary.

Although UTE believes it is any government's duty to support cultural and artistic education at the highest level, it is essential nonetheless that the university fully conserves its autonomy, its academic integrity and freedom, as well as its independence from political influence or party affiliation of any kind. Violation of any of these principles could lead to a decline of the quality of education, with serious consequences on cultural life in general.

The UTE expresses its solidarity with the students of the SZFE, hoping the authorities will find a responsible solution through dialogue, with the inclusion of both students and professors in the decision-making process and respecting the academic autonomy of the institution.

The UTE Board of Directors