The Bonfire

World premiere in co-production with Vígszínház Theatre Budapest, Hungary, the National Theatre Radu Stanca Sibiu, Romania and the Staatsschauspiel Dresden.

The well-regarded novel by György Dragomán contemplates the time of upheaval, shaped by fear and insecurity. Though the young girl’s eyes he depicts the turning year 1989/90 and the bloody birth of a young democracy: the world between yesterday and today, the rituals of blame, revenge and grief, the strange friendship between a grandmother and her granddaughter, the fate of the survivors and the influence of the dead.

The Bonfire

Schauspiel Stuttgart

Based on the novel by György Dragomán

Directed by Armin Petras

Premiere on October 14, 2017 in Nord

On Stage: 15 October, 1, 11 November 2017

World Premiere

14 octobre - 11 novembre, 2017