Enea in viaggio

Linked to the Production “Il Viaggio di Enea”, the PROJECT ENEA IN VIAGGIO (AENEAS TRAVELS)—organized by the Teatro di Roma in collaboration with the Associazione Liberi Nantes and Amref Health Africa-Italy—has been funded by the Bando MigrArti 2017 of the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities.

Aeneas Travels is an artistic and cultural performative experiment, a meeting of great proximity between artists, migrants and citizens that will make use of theatrical language in order to encourage a closer and mutual acquaintance.

Aeneas Travels is a three-stage project.

Workshops: eight meetings between migrants, actors from Teatro di Roma Drama School and citizens in Teatro India and Teatro Argentina’s venues || Theater goes to town: nine days of open integrated workshop and performance for residents, actors and migrants in areas where the relationship between citizens and migrants is particularly complex. || Town goes to theater: an Atelier for 200, open to the city through a call to the Roman citizens. Two hundred of them will be asked to take part in a 1-day workshop.

Enea in viaggio

(Aeneas Travels)_MIGRARTI

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1 avril - 31 juillet, 2017