The Indian wants the Bronx

A short and unsettling play that explored anti-asian racism and violence in the late 1960s. Written by Israel Horovitz, The Indian Wants the Bronx centered around two teenagers who confront and eventually attack an Indian man trying to visit his son in New York City. Gupta, the Indian of the title, has just arrived in New York City from his native country to visit his son and speaks only a few words of English. While waiting for a bus to The Bronx, he is approached by two young punks, Joey and Murph, who begin teasing him. Name-calling taunts eventually result in acts of rage and violence.

The Indian wants the Bronx

By Israel Horovitz

Directed by Iarina Demian

At the Teatrul Bulandra

Bucharest, Romania

Israel Horovitz | Iarina Demian

24 février - 15 mars, 2017