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Discover an additional translation into Italian (Sonia Antinori: 5 mattine) and a selection of speeches held during the conferences as well as dramaturgical materials of all five plays that were created in context of the TERRORisms project.

Developed between 2013 and 2015 in the context of international exchanges, the plays collected in this anthology confront the theme of terrorism through the sensitive approaches of five playwrights from Germany, Serbia, Israel, Norway and France.

Fritz Kater in Stuttgart, Milena Marković in Belgrade, Maya Arad in Tel Aviv, Jonas Corell Petersen in Oslo and Aiat Fayez in Reims — five contemporary playwrights with different experiences and backgrounds — were at the root of this international collaboration project, which led to the organisation of a series of world premieres, production exchanges, meetings, conferences and discussions, all over Europe and beyond.

This TERRORisms eBook is dedicated to their work. Freely downloadable, all texts are available in original language, English and German.

Edited by CulturBooks, the TERRORisms eBook was created on the occasion of the TERRORisms Festival in Stuttgart, in June 2015.

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At the Inaugural Conference of the TERRORisms project

at the National Theatre in Oslo

The Intrigue of Terrorism (EN)

Terrorisms Intrige (NOR)

The TERRORisms Plays


5 morgen (OV)

5 mornings (EN)

5 mattine (IT)

Material on the world premiere in Stuttgart


Zmajeubice (OV)

The Dragonslayers (EN)

Drachentöter (DE)

Material on the world premiere in Belgrade


אלוהים מחכה בתחנה (OV)

God Waits at the Station (EN)

Gott wartet an der Haltestelle (DE)

Material on the world premiere in Tel Aviv


Vi Tygger På Tidens Knokler (OV)

We Chew on the Bones of Time (EN)

Wir nagen an den Knochen der Zeit (DE)

Material on the world premiere in Oslo


La Baraque (OV)

The Shack (EN)

Die Baracke (DE)

Material on the world premiere in Reims



At the TERRORisms Festival at the Schauspiel Stuttgart

Terror und Theater (DE)

Terror and Theatre (EN)




About TERRORisms

About Union des Théâtres de l´Europe


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