June 24/30 — ISO THEATRE

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June 24/30

Polyphony as a creative process

Created in Ludwigsburg from 12 to 27 July 2013, June 24/30 was the first creation of the ISO Theatre Collective. Bringing together eight young European actors from Bulgaria, France, Romania, Greece, Portugal and Italy, the work was presented at the Teatro di Roma on 15 November 2013.

For one week, from 24 to 30 June 2013, the ISO actors kept a diary in which they recorded their feelings, thoughts and impressions, mixing the intimate and the collective, the major and the minor.

These eight diaries served as a starting point for their work at the Akademie für Darstellende Kunste Baden-Württemberg. On stage, they tried to create a space and a language, able to bring together — without denying their individual identities — the variety of voices and meanings contained in this collection of texts.

Created from improvisation work, each scene of the performance relates to the diaries. Among others, the performance brings together Boris’ description of the students’ protests in Sofia, Aglaia’s reverie about standardization and Balazs’ dazzling visions of Cluj’s roads while taking the tram.

Conceived as a polyphonic symphony, the ISO Theatre’s performance draws the impressionist portrait of a European youth, at once multiple and fragmented, in quest of meaning and beauty.


June 24/30

A collective creation by the ISO Theatre

Cast | Petya Alabozova, Balazs Bodolai, Bilyana Georgieva, Aglaia Katsiki, Boris Krastev, Sophie Lewisch, Luìs Puto, Angélique Zaini

Supervised by Christiane Pohle

Produced by the Union of European Theatres, the Academy for Performing Arts Baden-Württemberg, and the Teatro di Roma

Presented at the Europolis Festival

In the context of the Il Ratto d’Europa project

At the Teatro di Roma

15 November 2013

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