Elfriede Jelinek – Book Presentation in Belgrade

The presentation of the book What Happened After Nora Left Her Husband; or Pillars of Society by Elfriede Jelinek in Serbian comes as the production follow-up of the same play produced by the Yugoslav Drama Theatre in Belgrade, directed by Snežana Trišić.

The play was translated by Dr Jelena Kostić Tomović, who had already proved to be a successful translator of Jelinek. The play is going to be published in YDT edition Ars Dramatica Nova, designed especially for drama works. The first publication of this early play by Elfriede Jelinek in Serbian is supported by Traduki.


Nora! Šta se dogodilo nakon što je Nora napustila muža ili Stubovi društava

Book Presentation

At the Yugoslav Drama Theatre Belgrade, Serbia

An original play by Elfriede Jelinek

Translation into Serbian | Jelena Kostić Tomović

The presentation of the book is yet to be scheduled.