Ein man will nach oben | A man wants to advance

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Artistic director of Schauspielhaus Bochum Anselm Weber directs the first theatre production of Hans Fallada’s moving novel Ein Man will nach oben.

The protagonist Karl Siebrecht is chasing his dream of conquering the city of Berlin. This big narrative spans many years of German history: It starts in the backyards of Berlin’s impoverished Wedding district and ends in a villa in Berlin Grunewald in 1931. For Karl Siebrecht, these are years of hard work, years in which he grows up. But not only the First World War, austerity, and disappointment accompany his rise, but so do his friendships with Rieke Busch and Kalli Flau, as well as his falling in love with Ilse Gollmer and Herta Eich. The writer Hans Fallada has a particularly good eye for these characters, with their small worries and big dreams: He tells their stories with great warmth and humour. Anselm Weber’s production, featuring Felix Rech in the leading role, includes several songs from the Weimar era and creates a panorama of German history.


Ein Man will nach oben

Adapted from the novel by Hans Fallada

Director | Anselm Weber

Set designer | Raimund Bauer

Costume Designer | Meentje Nielsen

Dramaturg | Sabine Reich

Opened on 5 June 2014

At the Schauspielhaus Bochum, Germany


Hans Fallada | Anselm Weber

5 juin - 31 juillet, 2014