In digi/topia 30 actors embark on a journey into the future. We chat, twitter, google and tinder, we are globally networked and online at all times. Our devices accompany us through the day, our profiles are our business cards. The age of digitalization has long since become reality and its influence on our everyday lives is becoming ever more intense: we are overwhelmed by new technologies, updates and upgrades, augmented and virtual reality - but how do we deal with it? Is our digital world a world full of possibilities and innovations? Or should we question ourselves and the power of artificial intelligence at an early stage? How do our own experiences influence our views? And to what extent do we help shape our future?

Together with the director and theatre pedagogue Bassam Ghazi, the 30 actors aged 13 to 78 explore utopias and dystopias in our digital world and present their investigations in a performative experiment.

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Performative Experiment

17 - 19 mai, 2019