Die Götter Weinen | The Gods Weep


Something incredible occurs at the conference table of a corporation worldwide operating. Colm, who has been the head of the enterprise for decades with rigid determination, and has transformed his managers into beasts, announces his resignation out of the blue. He surprisingly hands over the management to his employees Catherine and Richard, thus ignoring his son Jimmy. Colm wants to get out of the present company policy, and to start a nonprofit mega-project in the Central American developing country Belize. This will not happen anymore. The two CEOs Catherine and Richard, who unexpectedly came into power, go over Colm’s head, and start a relentless competition. Their power game eventually brings them and the entire world on the brink. Managers become warlords, civilization falls prey to war. Now Colm has to fight for survival.

The playwright Dennis Kelly, born in 1970, whose plays are internationally among the most successful ones, describes the return of anarchy in modern form in his play based on Shakespeare’s King Lear. Udo Samel, who has already performed in Graz as King Lear and Mephisto, plays the main part in this endgame of an unleashed global economy.


Die Götter Weinen | The Gods Weep

By Dennis Kelly

Directed by Anna Badora

Stage design Raimund Orfeo Voigt

Costume Julia Kornacka

Video Philipp Haupt

Light Tamás Bányai

Dramaturgy Britta Kampert, Roland Koberg

Choreography Salome Schneebeli

With Udo Samel, Samouil Stoyanov, Christian Dolezal, Marco Albrecht, Sebastian Klein, Kaspar Locher, Jan Gerrit Brüggemann, Verena Lercher, Philine Bührer, Birgit Stöger, Katharina Klar, Franz Solar, Jann Siefken

Premiere on the 25th September 2014

At Schauspielhaus Graz, Austria


Dennis Kelly | Anna Badora

25 septembre, 2014 - 25 septembre, 2015