Das Ballhaus (Le Bal)

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A hall, innumerable balls. The years go by, sometimes controlled by turmoil and panic, sometimes ruled by enthusiastic frenzy.

Regimes and governments change and so do the national flags and anthems. It is the same with dress codes: sometimes one would wear boots, then sneakers. Sometimes women wear high-necked clothes, other times petticoats and miniskirts. “Will he come this evening?”, “Who is the new one over there?”, “Do my pants fit correctly?”, “Do I need another schnapps?”. The guests’ feelings reflect in the rhythms of the band playing during the ball. May it be a harmonious waltz rhythm or the drums of the revolution – each era has its own beat. The ballroom sees the people come and go. For them, it is a place of refuge, of entertainment and devotion – the scenery of their fights, tragedies and most memorable moments.

Viktor Bodó’s theatre productions are characterized by extraordinary pictural imagination and strong moments of improvisation. In his version for the Schauspielhaus Graz he continues to tell the story of the movie “Le Bal”, a film about a ballroom through the ages, until today. Alongside social and political focal points, the Austro-Hungarian ensemble is dancing through the changeable history of Europe: a production without words, full of comic, madness and poetry.

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Das Ballhaus (Le Bal)

Directed by Viktor Bodó

Scenography Juli Balázs

Costume Fruzsina Nagy

Music Klaus von Heydenaber

Dramaturgy Christian Mayer & Anna Veress

Premiere on the 15th March 2014

At Schauspielhaus Graz, Austria

Viktor Bodó

15 March - 24 May, 2014