UTE-member Hungarian Theatre of Cluj premieres the Digital Natives production Concord Floral on May, 18th - an intergenerational approach to digitality

Digital Natives (#digitalnatives19) consists in a participative, educational and transnational theatre project initiated by Union des Theatres de l’Europe - UTE in 2018 supported by the EU Creative Europe programme. Five member theatres - Volksteater Wien, Austria, Hungarian Theatre Cluj, Romania, Comédie de Reims, France, Schauspiel Köln, Germany and National Theatre of Northern Greece,Thessaloniki, Greece - choosed the playwright Concord Floral as a starting point for performances, workshops, conferences and debates about digital values and how they might affect teenagers. The 2-years Digital Natives project will celebrate its Closing Night with a Digital Festival on June, 1st, 2019. All partners across Europe will be connected to share and experience interactive scenic issues with the public online and in the theatres.

After already 3 premieres of Jordan Tannahill’s Concord Floral in Cologne, Reims, Vienna since the projects kick-off, the Hungarian Theatre Cluj will stage its premiere of the play on May, 18th, directed by Ferenc Sinkó and a cast of young people of Cluj. Where topics of general interest such as guilt, sexuality, irreversible consequences of reckless actions, inevitable solitude, all parts of common existence will be explored. Creators, performers and spectators can take part in a theatrical experience where intergenerational differences are erased, where youngsters and adults, parents and children inhabit the same dimension.

The play will be presented in Hungarian with Romanian and English surtitles.

Please find out more at Hungarian Theatre of Cluj's site.


Theatre Play

18 May, 2019