Concord Floral

"Concord Floral" is the name of a ragged greenhouse located near a housing complex at the periphery of a large city. It has witnessed many generations grow up, has offered cover for wild parties and late-night youthful indiscretions.

A group of adolescents lives in one of these housing complexes; they are friends and go to the same school, and explore the neighborhood together. One night, two friends make an eerie discovery in the greenhouse. They are sure to have found a dead body. Even though they promised each other that they wouldn't tell anyone about this, there soon are rumors about it, and life in the building complex soon gets out of control. One of the girls doesn't get over their experience: she can't sleep anymore, and the dead girl starts haunting her and talks to her. The other teenagers think she is crazy and turn away from her until the ghost of the victim also seizes hold of them, and they all have to face the injustice that has happened.

"Concord Floral" takes motives from "Il Decamerone" by Giovanni Boccaccio: ten teenagers look for shelter from a plague that they have brought on themselves. Author Jordan Tannahill, born in 1988, who also works in the film industry, is Canada's hope for the future of theatre. The play was developed over the course of three years in workshops with adolescents. Director Simon Windisch, from Graz, Austria, has years-long experience developing plays for young and adult audiences. Together with ten adolescents from Vienna he will explore their day-to-day reality that is shaped by assertiveness and digital parallel reality.

Concord Floral

By Jordan Tannahill

Directed by Simon Windisch

Translated to German by Frank Weigand

Cast | Jasmin Bettstein, Ida Golda, Larissa Kiers, Florian Klingler, Sophie Kraft, Flora Mayrhofer, Merlin Miglinci, Sarah Pritchard-Smith, Paul Ruttkovsky, Alexandra Schmidt

German World Premiere

16 February 2018

Volx/Margareten — Volkstheater Wien

German World Premiere

16 février - 19 juin, 2018