Close Your Eyes Wide Shut

In Teheran, a student throws a bottle of sulphuric acid in the face of one of his university friends after refusing his marriage proposal. We are left to digest this violent scene the best as we can.

The blinded and disfigured girl appeals to the Shari’a law. An eye for an eye, as the Islamic holy law dictates. The victim wins the lawsuit and she obtains the right to pour forty drops of acid into her attacker’s eyes. The punishment established is torture, yet Islamic law has taken a step forward: acid throwing was previously a minor offence, now it is considered a serious crime. The principle of justice has won the day. It is up to the victim to either carry out the punishment or to pardon her aggressor. The girl decides to carry out the punishment and shatters our certainties: we have rejoiced with her and yet we have been dragged back centuries, into a torture chamber. Chiudi gli occhi (Close Your Eyes Wide Shut) forces us to play the part of the jury in an uncontrolled court case that gradually makes us lose the ability to pass a verdict.


Chiudi gli occhi

Close Your Eyes Wide Shut

Written and directed by Patrizia Zappa Mulas

Set Designer | Francesco Zito

Costume Design | Virginia Gentili

With the young actors of the Teatro di Roma’s School of Theatre

Premiere 10 May 2016

at the Teatro India, Teatro di Roma, Italy


Patrizia Zappa Mulas

10 - 15 mai, 2016

Teatro India
Teatro di Roma
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