City of Tomorrow

At the Schauspiel Köln


Our new member, the Schauspiel Köln is hosting its "City of Tomorrow" festival between 29 June and 2 July 2017.

The Idea

The Grand Finale of the Schauspiel Köln’s city project “Seeing the City from the Other Side” will take place between Thursday, 29 June and Sunday, 2 July 2017. The “City of Tomorrow” festival solidifies all running processes and projects of the past two years, and utilizes the synergies between different perspectives, genres, disciplines, and practices of action to take a look at the future. In doing so, the festival is not only a summary presentation as much as a prospect of a possible future of Mühlheim and an alternative model of a city and municipal society. For the last time, we’ll “see the city from the other side” over the course of this long weekend, to then miss things that beforehand we didn’t even know would make our common future more beautiful, richer, happier and more sustainable.

The Location

The area around the Mühlheim Bridge constitutes the centre of the festival. With the upcoming renovation of the bridge this part of Mühlheim not only became a place of transformation and transit—it also forms the (symbolic) transition from the historical Mühlheim city centre to a newer history as a neighbourhood and suburb of Cologne left of the Rhine. Relevant issues of this municipal society, such as mobility and public spaces, come together at this central place of crystallization. Vastly different people meet here for various reasons: for some it is their daily route of their morning run; for others it’s a place where there’s a romantic sunset; and again for others it’s a nightly meeting point to warm up for a long night out. But also from an architectural and a town planning perspective this bridge constitutes a space of many opportunities that’s only waiting to be awakened by a kiss and redefined.

Our AGORA under the Mühlheim Bridge creates a new place of assembly, where, in the context of discursive, theatrical and musical formats, people can debate, fight and enjoy.

Die Stadt von Morgen (City of Tomorrow)

Schauspiel Köln

At the Mühlheim Bridge

29 June – 2 July 2017

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29 juin - 2 juillet, 2017

Cologne, Germany