Babi Ibrahim released from prison

one strong black babi ibrahim

After 6 months of detention on the ground of suspicion only, Sudanese theatre-actor and asylum-seeker Babi Ibrahim has finally been released from prison.

Babi Ibrahim is a member of a refugee troupe that recently staged a satirical play about the mistreatment of refugees in Israel, One Strong Black. On 18th July 2013, Babi Ibrahim – unable to show the receipt of the presumably stolen bicycle he was using - was arrested by Israeli police on suspicion of possessing stolen property.

His arrest was made possible by a new regulation implemented in September 2012, which allows the indefinite arrest and detainment, without trial, of asylum-seekers suspected of crimes.

His liberation follows on from months of campaign, to which the Union of Theatres of Europe took part by sending an official letter signed by UTE Vice-President to the Israeli government, demanding his release from prison.

Picture : One Strong Black