The ATELIER 200 in Bobigny

200 theatre lovers taking over the stage of the MC93 Bobigny (France) for a two-day workshop orchestrated by five leading French and European stage directors, that’s the ATELIER 200.

First produced by the MC93 Bobigny, this unique event has been happening every year for 3 years now, and will happen again the 30th and 31st March 2013.

With the stage directors

Anton Kouznetsov,

Georges Lavaudant,

Jean-René Lemoine,

David Lescot,

along with... 200 theatre amateurs

Inscriptions are opened on the MC93 website.



Anton Kouznetsov, Georges Lavaudant, Jean-René Lemoine and David Lescot

The Atelier 200 (2013)
30 - 31 mars, 2013

Bobigny, France
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