Angels in America

“The question I am trying to ask is how broad is a community's embrace. How wide does it reach?” says Kushner. „How wide does it reach? Communities all over the world now are in tremendous crisis over the issue of how you let go of the past without forgetting the crimes that were committed.”

Tony Kushner’s two-part drama Angels in America will be presented on two consecutive evenings by the Hungarian Theatre of Cluj. Angels in America goes beyond the themes featured in the play, namely the devastating epidemic of AIDS, still a deadly disease in the 1990s, and the struggle of people for being accepted regardless of their sexual orientation, in the context of the value crisis that arose in Reagan’s America, focusing instead on the age old crises that humanity has yet to resolve.

Angels in America

By Tony Kushner

Directed by Victor Ioan Frunză | Studio Hall

Premiere: December 2017

With English surtitles


1 - 31 décembre, 2017