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Associated member Szputnyik Shipping Company is traveling in France with Anamnesis, presented at the Comédie de Reims (Reims, France), in the context of the Reims Scène d'Europe Festival, on the 14th December 2013.

Already spotted in Germany and Austria, Hungarian emerging talent and stage director Viktor Bodó succeeded in winning his spurs with his production Anamnesis. With 20 actors and musicians on stage, the performance combines the characteristics of a surrealist musical and a documentary theatre piece on health services, reminding of ER, the famous American TV series…

The spectator is invited to follow Tibor into the Kafkaesque maze of a hospital which he discovers at the same time. This young theatre director, caught right in the middle of rehearsal, suddenly learns of the death of his wife and goes immediately to the hospital where he hopes to find her. Then begins a series of sequences both comic and terrifying, as the audience is following the hero in his wandering in a hospital that he won’t ever leave again, between a disoriented receptionist and a learned assembly of doctors, everlasting patients and impressive ER. In this hospital, people are singing, dancing and fingers are being lost just as well as corpses.



Directed by Viktor Bodó

With Balázs Czukor, István Dankó, Gábor Fábián, Károly Hajduk, Anna Hay / Hadél Jordán, Péter Jankovics, Tamás Kereszted, Lejel Kovács, Vilmos Kun, Bence Lajkó, András Lajos, Ferenc Lengyel, Béla Mészáros, Éva Olsavsky, Hanna Pálos, Zoltan Szabó, Rozi Skékely, Agi Szirtes, Ferenc Tóth Simon, Vilmos Vajdai

Scenography Juli Balázs

Costumes Fruzsina Nagy

Lights Tamás Bányai

Music Klaus Von Heydenaber

Choir’s director Dóra Halas

Lyrics Baróthy

Dramaturgy Júlia Róbert

Coproduction Katona József Theatre, Sputnik Shipping Company (Szputynik Hajózási Társaság)

At the Comédie de Reims (Reims, France)

In the context of the Reims Scène d’Europe Festival

On the 14th December 2013

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Viktor Bodó

14 December, 2013

Comédie de Reims, France