Alternatives Théâtrales

A Special issue about LIQUID FRONTIERS

frontieres_liquides_revue_240In the context of the “Liquid Frontiers” project, the “Alternatives Théâtrales” Belgium journal published a special issue entitles “Frontières Liquides - Territoires de l’art. Émergences de la scène européenne ». A special issue dedicated to the themes and questions raised by the UTE project.

By reports, essays and interviews, the journal fathoms (out) the “role” of art, and particularly of theatre, in the European Union, a territory of political and economic confrontation where current political and economic confrontations about “frontiers” are involved in a quest for identity within a state of global “liquidity”. The issue also addresses the question in a more complex and global approach within established cultural and political borders.

With the participation of the professor of German modern literature at the university Düsseldorf, Bernd Witte; the professor of political sociology at the university Paris Ouest – Nanterre UFR, Emmanuel Wallon; the essayist and emeritus professor of theatre studies at the University Sorbonne Nouvelle – Paris III, Georges Banu; the Polish sociologist Zygmunt Bauman and the Romanian poet, playwright and journalist Matei Visniec, the issue explores the diverse definitions and comprehensions of the notions “frontier” and “liquidity”, especially with a political, philosophical and artistic angle.