The three-year network programme Conflict Zones | Zones de Conflit came to an end, and had its culmination in the closing event ALL WITNESSES.

Conflict Zones | Zones de Conflit dealt with conflicts across Europe starting from World War I until today. The programme has yielded a variety of products, amongst which the international theatre collective ISO, International Super Objective Theatre; the Harbour40 Emerging playwrights that collaborated on a project about refugees; and the Young Journalists on Performing Arts, a team of young European journalists who continuously write for the UTE’s online theatre magazine

All of them constitute the witnesses of this three-year endeavour, and attended this closing event, together with the members of the UTE who will come together in Vienna for an artistic assembly.


An artistic assembly & closing event of Conflict Zones | Zones de Conflit

Held at the Volkstheater Wien

1 November 2017


An event by the Union des Théâtres de l’Europe in collaboration with the Volkstheater Wien.

In the context of the CONFLICT ZONES | ZONES DE CONFLIT network-programme.

With the support of the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.


Artistic assembly

1 - 1 November, 2017