What is the UTEcard?

UTEcards are membership cards given out to a limited number of people by member theatres of the Union des Théâtres de l'Europe. Cardholders are granted special conditions at any UTE member theatre outside their country of residence. Please note that special conditions are only granted in combination with an ID.

For people interested in becoming a UTEcard holder, please contact us at


Please provide your name and contact details, and inform us about who you are, where you're from and why you are interested in obtaining a UTEcard.

What are UTEcard special conditions?

Piccolo Teatro di Milano

Discount: 5€ ticket.

UTEcard holders have to be between 20 and 30 years of age.

Teatrul Bulandra

Free tickets upon availability.

Teatro di Roma

Discount: 7€ per ticket (on occasion free tickets, depending on availability and dates)

National Theatre of Northern Greece

Free tickets.

Teatro Nacional São João

50% discount on tickets for shows presented in the TNSJ, TeCA and the MSBV.

50% discount on tickets for guided tours through the TNSJ and the São Bento da Victória Monstery

5% discount on the acquisition of TNSJ books and publications.

Habima – National Theatre of Israel


English synopsis

Introduction to the play by someone from the theatre

Bill of the play

Yugoslav Drama Theatre

Discount: 50%

Form of translation (surtitles, interpretation, English synopsis)

Hungarian Theatre of Cluj

5 RON per ticket.

Most shows are available with English surtitles.

National Theatre in Prague

Discount: 20% off of any ticket at the National Theatre.

National Theatre of Greece

Free tickets.

Reduced ticket price for their companion.

Translation (English synopsis)

An introduction to the play by someone from the theatre, if possible.

Maly Theatre

Free tickets.

English synopsis of the play.

Introduction to the play.

A tour of the theatre.

Free transfer from the airport to the hotel and back.


Free tickets.

(Free) tour around the theatre.

Schauspiel Stuttgart

Free tickets upon availability.

Discount tickets upon availability.

An English synopsis is available for each play under https://www.schauspiel-stuttgart.com

Schauspielhaus Bochum

Discount ticket for 2€.

A second ticket can be offered for 10€; in case of opening nights an extra 5€ will be added.

Occasionally, introductions or further offers may be available.

Comédie de Reims

Free tickets

If available and requested in advance, a form of translation (either surtitles or a synopsis)

An introduction to the play by someone from the theatre if no translation available

A personal welcome

National Theatre of Luxembourg

Discount: 10€ off from regular ticket price


Free tickets

English synopsis or English surtitles (depending on the production)

Free tour around the theatre (if the date has been fixed in advance)


2 free tickets; additional tickets for 12€

For groups of 5 people or more an introduction to the play by a dramaturg can be arranged (please contact at least two weeks in advance for an introduction)

English surtitles are available for some of the productions