National Theatre of Greece

The National Theatre of Greece aims to promote Greek culture through the preservation of ancient Greek drama, while simultaneously focusing on Modern Greek playwriting, as well the promotion of international exchange and a strong educational programme. The theatre has four different stages and a Drama School. Along with the performances it has a rich parallel programme which includes visual arts, exhibitions, projections of films, new dramaturges’ competition, festivals of play-reading, conversations.

Greece’s first state theatre company was the Royal Theatre, which opened in 1901 and operated until 1908, the year it was closed indefinitely. The National Theatre was founded in 1930 by the Minister of Education, George Papandreou. For many years it operated as a public entity. In 1994, the National Theatre became a non-profit organization. Its remit is to promote culture and to preserve Greek cultural identity through theatre.


Member since 2009
Director: Dimitris Lignadis

Athens, Greece
The National Theatre of Greece
22-24 Agiou Konstatinou
10437 Athens Greece
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