30-year Anniversary of the "Theâtres de l'Europe"

presse 30 ans

On the occasion of the 30-year anniversary of the "Théâtres de l'Europe" (Theatres of Europe), the Union of Theatres of Europe, in collaboration with the Piccolo Teatro di Milano, will organize a celebration event at the Piccolo Teatro di Milano, on the 26th October 2013, followed by a General Assembly on October 27th.

The event will bring together personalities who took part in the "Théâtres de l'Europe" adventure, as well as leading figures of European theatre: e.g. director of the Piccolo Teatro di Milano – Théâtre de l´Europe Sergio Escobar; co-founder, member of honour of the UTE, president of honour of the UTE and director of Maly Drama Theatre Lev Dodin; stage director and former director of the Odéon - Théâtre de l'Europe Georges Lavaudant; Director of Habima - National Theatre of Israel and President of the UTE Ilan Ronen.

A public discussion will step through the history of the "Théâtres de l'Europe", from its foundation in 1983, towards the creation of the Union of Theatres of Europe in 1990 and its developments today. Following the public discussion, guests will be invited to the premiere in Italy of Georges Lavaudant's Cyrano de Bergerac. Finally, a festive reception will close the event.

A little history

The "Théâtres de l'Europe" was a network of art theatres founded in 1983 at the instigation of three theatres in France, Italy and Spain. With the idea to promote art theatre in Europe, they encouraged the mobility of performances and artists by focusing on the organization of international festivals and productions exchanges. In 1990, the Union of Theatres of Europe emerged on this basis, founded by French Minister of Culture Jack Lang and director of Piccolo Teatro di Milano Giorgio Strehler.

Since its creation in 1990, the Union of Theatres of Europe has been undergoing a lot of changes - but not only UTE, the world has changed, Europe, theatre, youth have changed and the needs for today's Europe are constantly being redefined. In these times of fluctuation and indecisiveness, the Union of Theatres of Europe is determined to face the challenges of our times and play a decisive role in the building of tomorrow's Europe. In order to do so, the UTE decided to reflect on its past and pay tribute to those who made the history of European theatre even possible.


Sergio Escobar, Lev Dodin, Georges Lavaudant...

26 - 27 octobre, 2013