2nd part Share Our Lives Festival - Volkstheatre Wien rounds up #digitalnatives19

Panel Discussion Lüge at Volkstheater Wien - debating news/fake news

The educational, participative UTE-project Digital Natives (#digitalnatives19) supported by Creative Europe (EU programme) connects five european UTE-member theatres through their respective youth club activities - Volkstheater Vienna, Austria; Hungarian Theatre Cluj, Romania, Comédie de Reims, France, Schauspiel Köln, Germany and National Theatre of Northern Greece,Thessaloniki. The parallel production of Concord Floral (Jordan Tannahill) has been a starting point for performances, workshops, conferences and debates about digital life and intergenerational behaviours. The 2-years Digital Natives-project will celebrate its Closing Night with a Digital Festival on June, 1st, 2019. All partners across Europe will connect to share and experience interactive scenic issues with their audience online and in the theatres.

Volkstheater Wien rounds it up by round tables and scenic interludes. Check out the panel discussion Lüge (Lies), May, 31, where topics as fake news and how they affect our communication manners with Michael Kohlmeier, David Schalko and Martina Mara.

For more information please check out the event page at Volkstheater Wien.

Panel Discussion

31 May, 2019

Rote Bar