2013 Reims Scènes d'Europe

It is the Earth that is now shaking… The era we live in is one of unprecedented changes within the terrestrial biosphere: climate change, erosion of the biodiversity, pollution of the lands and seas, damage of resources, etc. We have to be aware of all this and think twice about the way we live on Earth.

The participating artists integrated the necessity of this change of conscience and their works proved it, not only through the subjects they tackled but also through the thoughts that guided them, the theoretical influences that nourished them, and through their practice and technique.

By means of the emotions they aroused, the detours they used, the role playing only art knows how to produce; theatre, dance, music, literature, arts and the cinema invent models, imaginary devices that can make everyone sensitive to these changes, sometimes even more effectively than speeches can.

Earth is not a decor, a stage, an environment anymore, but it becomes a protagonist in its own right. We designed the 2013 edition of Reims Scènes d’Europe by using the works of the philosopher Bruno Latour, who was a special guest at the festival, as a starting point.

With the artists and their creations, we wondered about this new era and the way creators record its uniqueness.


Reims Scènes d'Europe
27 novembre, 2013 - 17 décembre, 2014

Reims, France
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