Národní divadlo – Prague National Theatre

The National Theatre is the Czech Republic’s premiere stage. It is one of the symbols of Czech national identity and a part of the European cultural arena. It is a bearer of national cultural heritage, while simultaneously providing a stage for free artistic creativity. The theatre is a living artistic organisation that understands tradition as a task and duty to perpetually find new interpretations, and to strive for highest artistic quality.

Today’s National Theatre is comprised of four entities — opera, drama, ballet, and Magic Lantern — which perform in repertory in the historic buildings of the National Theatre, Estates Theatre, State Opera, New Stage, and the Kolowrat Theatre. The repertoire of these four ensembles is shaped by the wealth of classical titles, works of Czech authors, and a rich selection of contemporary international pieces.


Member since 2009
Director: Michal Dočekal

Prague, Czech Republic
Národní divadlo (Prague National Theatre)
Ostrovní 1, 112 30 Prague 1
P.O.BOX 865
112 30 Czech Republic
Tel: +224 901 448
Fax: +224 931 544
E-mail: info@narodni-divadlo.cz www.narodni-divadlo.cz