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CONFLICT ZONES – Young Journalists on Performing Arts

Developed with the support of the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union and conceived in collaboration with young cultural journalists from across Europe and beyond, the Online Theatre Magazine of the UTE aims at stimulating the exchange of knowledge about theatre in Europe, while simultaneously supporting the learning and mobility of journalists at the beginning of their career.

Expressing the views of young cultural journalists strongly involved in the artistic life of their country, the articles displayed in the magazine do not claim objectivity, but intend to reflect the original point of view of one single author concerning the theatre sector in their country. Published in both original language and English, each article looks into the artistic environment of one specific country, thus raising such diverse issues as the organisation and structure of public theatres, the development of arts funding models, the evolution of cultural policies and the prevailing aesthetics of the current theatre production.

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The magazine will publish articles throughout the duration of the project. By the end of the three-year CONFLICT ZONES network programme, the magazine will have published articles by more than twenty young journalists based in each of the countries where the UTE is active.

TERRORisms Special Issue

The first SPECIAL ISSUE of the new online magazine is dedicated to the TERRORisms project of the Union of European Theatres.

Developed over the past two years in the context of international exchanges between five theatres in Oslo, Belgrade, Tel Aviv, Reims and Stuttgart, the TERRORisms project ended (for the time being) in June 2015 on the occasion of the TERRORisms Festival in Stuttgart.

The TERRORisms Special Issue of our CONFLICT ZONES Online Magazine allows you to dive into the works and perspectives developed throughout the project until its final accomplishment in Stuttgart. It includes dramaturgical material, information about the project, the festival and the performances, and also articles, interviews and videos produced by the Young European Journalists involved in the CONFLICT ZONES Online Magazine project.

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“CONFLICT ZONES – Young European Journalists on Performing Arts”

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In the context of the CONFLICT ZONES network-programme

With the support of the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union

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