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Tadeusz Bradecki

Tadeusz Bradecki, born in Poland in 1955, graduated from the State Theatre Academy in Cracow (1973-1977). From 1977 till 1984, he worked as an actor in the Stary Theatre in Cracow. He acted under the direction of A.Wajda, K.Zanussi, J. Jarocki, J. Grzegorzewski, Z. Huebner, K. Kieslowski and others. He was awarded the « L. Schiller » Actors’ Prize (1980) and the « Golden Screen » TV Award (1979). From 1974 to 1977 he participated in several programs : various J.Grotowski’s Institute of Actor’s Method (Wrocław) workshops and projects, including voice and body training, “Special Project” and University of Nations (1975) workshops with Peter Brook and Joseph Chaikin. Bradecki is also a playwright and a director. He has worked as a resident director of the Stary Theatre, directing over 80 productions throughout Poland and abroad .Has received numerous prizes for best direction in several theatre festivals, both in Poland and abroad. He received the Swinarski Award (1987) and the French Order of Letters and Arts (1993). From 1990 till 1996 he was the general and artistic director of the Stary Theatre in Krakow. He is currently an associate professor, Doctor of Theatre Arts at the directing department of the Krakow State Theatre School. Since 1998 he is a personal member of UTE and since 2007, he is the artistic director of the Slaski Theatre in Katowice, Poland

Slaski Theatre (Teatr Śląski in Polish) is a regional theatre company of Upper Silesia. It’s acting ensemble consists of 30 actors. In it’s repertoire there are currently over twenty titles, both classical and modern plays, presented on two stages. Big Stage seats 450 spectators, and Chamber Stage – 90.

Personal Member
since 2007