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Teatrul Bulandra

The Bulandra has been and is still the meeting point of the most renowned creators of the Romanian theatre. It developed productions which had a decisive influence over the evolution of the institution itself as well as on the Romanian theatre.

Built in 1947 by the City of Bucharest, the new institution, called the City theatre, started its activities with a group of nine actors under the direction of the great Romanian actress Lucia Sturdza Bulandra. All along its history, despite all the difficulties encountered, the theatre was fortunate enough to be managed by several strong personalities that imprinted a unique and persevering style. Seen as a place of political opposition, the Bulandra faced severe censorship during the communist era. But it survived, keeping its involvement in the avant-garde. The comedians invented a specific language, impossible to censor, in order to communicate with the public. After Caescescu’s fall in 1989, the theatre kept its leading position and answered to the numerous invitations it received from around the world. In 1991, it became a member of the Union of the Theatres of Europe. In 2002, Alexandru Darie became its director who was also from 2007 to 2011 president of the UTE


Member since 1991
Director: Alexandru Darie

Bucharest, Romania

Teatrul Bulandra
B-dul Schitu Magureanu 1
sect. 5
70626 Bucharest Roumanie
Tel: 40 1 314 96 96
Fax: 40 1 312 38 97
E-mail: office@bulandra.ro www.bulandra.ro